“…feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin should be the norm for everyone and if you’re a brand that doesn’t promote this way of thinking, you’re falling behind.”

Photographer @tdeats Models @indi_incredible &  @ashabi.owa


We absolutely love your lookbook imagery and brand aesthetics! What is the inspiration behind this?

Thank you so much! I think I just love the natural beauty of things, without all the make-up and manicured settings, whether that’s models or the locations. A field of flowers or a sandy beach is just so beautiful and authentic without trying to be, which makes creating imagery there really easy.

How important do you feel body positive imagery is to the promotion of sustainable fashion?

I think it’s so important to the fashion industry as a whole but sustainable brands may have kick started the movement by using more diverse models first. Sustainable brands can emphasize the important things like where and how their products are made instead of fitting into the traditional mold and convincing you to buy based solely on appearance. I think feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin should be the norm for everyone and if you’re a brand that doesn’t promote this way of thinking, you’re falling behind.

Are there any other brands or publications that inspire you currently?

Definitely! Rad independent brands and publications can really thrive now thanks to Instagram and the online retail space. I love looking to brands like Nanushka, The Line by K, Marie Yat, and of course Reformation that all do such a great job with imagery, design and transparency. I really love following online publications that are talking about sustainability and helping their readers find brands they can feel good supporting,  like the Sustainable Fashion Journal, Slae Magazine and the Regeneration Mag.


On your website, you state your commitment to overseeing sourcing and production to ensure sustainable practices, have you faced any challenges with this?

It definitely took some time in the beginning to find the right mills and factories that used practices we could get behind but I feel so lucky to be in LA, where you can find someone for almost anything. Because every component is made locally, we’re driving around quite a bit for pick-ups and drop-offs but it’s great to be able to build relationships with everyone involved in your product.

 Have you ever felt you had to sacrifice your brands ethics to realise a design?

I’m a designer by trade and at heart so I’m constantly coming up with things I want to create but actually getting it made in a sustainable way, is a totally different story. Usually, the cheaper and easier way to do something is harmful to the environment so I end up tweaking the design to align with my true intent -- have the smallest possible impact on the environment and use local businesses.  

How much impact do you believe a designer has in changing the future practice of the fashion industry?

Designers have a lot of responsibility to design sustainably and I do believe that if you build it, they will come but consumers are equally as responsible for this shift. It’s a very symbiotic relationship and at the end of the day, one can’t exist without the other.


3 top tips

for young creativeS?

1. Ask questions and make sure to build strong relationships.

2. This industry is known for being vain and inauthentic but it is changing, if you come in with good intentions and innovative ideas, you will stand out.

3. Find the balance between humility and passion and you’ll create amazing things!